It’s time for a Sunday wash!

I know, I know… Maribowls are not supposed to be washed in the dishwashing machine, but sometimes, when they are really filthy, I’ll give them a gentle spin. At least, I took a good picture for my Instagram! 😉

So here is half of my warm hues collection. Now they are shiny and clean!


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3 Responses to It’s time for a Sunday wash!

  1. Fornot You says:

    Surely You do n o t wash away any old paper or silk sticker from the bottom of Mariskooli – and at same time of course lower significally value of Your old Mariskooli? Or do You?
    I have never ever see such a stupid example for washing Mariskooli´s destroying them permanently too – surely, a dish washing machine is not – never – the best possible way to wash any glass item with at least some value – You must hhave too much money – for Your actions are totally unbelievable!

    • fraublucher says:

      First of all, I have always had some difficulties understanding why do people who reach out to strangers online to insult them. The same things can be said in a much different tone of voice. Implying that I have “too much money” is such a pointless thing to say. I am a collector. Which means that these items have a special value for me. Outside this hobby, you, my dear friend, know nothing about me, so your unkind comments are quite out of line here.

      But, getting back to the dishwasher: my bowls are at this time kept in a kitchen, so sometimes they get so filthy that it is almost impossible to clean them by hand: the grease, and the dust, make a deadly paste together. So yes, sometimes it has happened that I have washed them on the gentlest cycle of my dishwasher. “Sometimes” means maybe once in 4-5 years, and this has never harmed my bowls so far. Besides that, I’ll say a quite impopular thing: I think that the “attachment” to stickers is an exaggeratedly sought-after thing. I have never paid more for a Maribowl because it had a sticker, and the biggest part of my collection has always been stickerless. The silk sticker does not peel away with some water, but even if that happened, I bear in mind that I have seen more Mariskoolis with stickers reattached (to cheat buyers) than original ones, especially the older pieces. Some of my bowls are what? 30 years old? Can I be obsessed by the presence or not of a sticker after such a long time? These skoolis are, and certainly were, household items for many people. I do not care, thus, about the signs of the time. I like my bowls with signs of wear. Of course, this is my opinion. But this might be, at least partially, explain my take on why I risked to wash my bowls with the dishwasher. No need for this outrage.

  2. Starting from the beginning, I think that when someone wants to comment something, they should know how to use the language in question, English in this case. Second, no need to attack anybody, a suggestion could be as nice. And third, don’t we all have the right to do what we please with our own stuff?
    Anyway, back to the dishwashed bowls, hahaha, I also collect bowls, I had been inspired by you and your blog. I thing it is amazing that someone gets to share experience and knowledge about the bowls in such an unselfish way. I also have bowls with and without stickers, and feel exactly the same way about them, Mariskoolis are as special for me with or without a stamp, with or without signs of life, specially the old ones. For me it is way different to go to Iittala shop and by a brand new bowl than getting older pieces, those come with a story: they were a wedding or birthday present to somebody, they were a decoration in a Christmas table, or they were an unwanted item that has only gathered dust and stayed in a corner for long. Whatever the story may be, it is worth more than a sticker at the bottom, at least for me. And also I do not understand the obsession for it, specially when we all have encountered bowls that had been given a sticker that does not correspond to them, or a sticker has been reattached. Of course, everybody has the right to collect what they want, and if what matters is the sticker at the bottom, it is just as fine 🙂
    Congratulations, once again, on your amazing collection and your blog!

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