It’s time for a Sunday wash!

I know, I know… Maribowls are not supposed to be washed in the dishwashing machine, but sometimes, when they are really filthy, I’ll give them a gentle spin. At least, I took a good picture for my Instagram! 😉

So here is half of my warm hues collection. Now they are shiny and clean!


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New rarities in my collection

Getting maribowls I do not already own is getting more and more difficult, but sometimes I am able to snap a rare goblet here and there. Since February, I was able to collect some of the few colors I was still missing… so here they are! Forgive me for the bad pics, but today I had only my Blackberry at hand.

Oldest Dark Red. I had to fight for this one! 😀


Dark Yellow, that is the perfect companion for my Bright Yellow specimen:


A comparison shot of the two reunited beauties:


Finally, “Suonruskea” aka “Swamp Brown”, that looks more grey in this pic but I assure you, it has brown, too, in there.


This next goblet is considered controversial. I had seen it around for years, and I have never been certain of its authenticity. Now that I have it here in my hands, I can tell you that the weight is right, the “sound” of the glass too, so I still have no idea… but it’s very pretty, so who cares? 😀


I hope you like my new babies as much as I like them!

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The older maribowls’ parade

As I am forced home by the flu, I decided to start washing my goblets. Of course, I begun with my absolute favorites: the older goblets, which are recognizable by the slightly different shape (a narrower central ring, and rounder edges). Here are mine, so far:

1) Blue-black. I guess is this is how the black was made back then. It has the tiniest blue translucency, opposed to the newer blacks which are pitch black and lack any translucency. One of my most beautiful goblets.


2) Cobalt blue, the immortal.


3) Dark turquoise, another favorite of mine.


4)  This should be Orvokinsininen, pansy-blue. Much sought-after.


5) a darker green and…


6) a lighter, incredibly vibrant green.


7) An older transparent of a slightly funnier shape.


8) This might be suonruskea, swamp brown, but this is debatable. And it *is* debated over on our Facebook group, where it is considered sammaleenvihrea, seaweed green.


9-10) Two fellas of an uncertain color. They look almost the same but their shape is very slightly different.

image  image

11) the traditional brown.


12) Last but not least, one of my Holy Grails: Nuutajärvi purple, which changes color under fluorescent and natural light. So two pics of this one. The first is under artificial light, the second is in the last rays of todays sun. Didn’t I save the best for last?

image IMG_20150201_171218_edit

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All hail 2015!

Hi there, fellow collectors!

It has been an awfully long time since I last updated my blog. Apart from life events going very fast, the main reason is that getting new colors which I do not already have is getting more and more difficult. I got them all! (well, almost). I have been quietly observing the mariskooli market in 2014, and got less than a handful of new goblets. I had purchased a real beauty on just before Christmas, but the seller withdrew form the transaction claiming that she was not ready to part from it.

Besides, Iittala’s new colors are still disappointing. Of course I got them all, cranberry (karpalo) and rain (sade), but they are awfully similar to other colors I already have.

Anyway, here are the pictures…


Mister Rain/Sade… Iittala, are you kidding me??


Mister Karpalo/Cranberry. Nice but not quite that different from Red. See below.


Red on the left, Cranberry on the right. If I need a spectrometer to see the differences between two goblet, you are definitely doing it wrong, my sweet Iiittala!


And this is Salmon Pink/Lohenpunainen; not the most exciting color either, as it looks a lot like an old pink you already released a long time ago…


Last year’s best buy: so-dark-it’s-technically-black-but-with-some-blue-in-it old goblet. I love these. If you are willing to sell one of these maribowls, just send me a message through the blog!

Please, masterminds of Iittala: if you are reading this, give us some fancy new colors. I suggest, for example, neons: they would be a hit! neon pink, neon yellow, neon orange… can you imagine these?! Puh-leeze, no more sleazy colors.

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Well hello again! The 2013 crop is here!

Hi guys, it has a very long time since last time I updated the blog. Many things have been going on in my life, and while I continued pursuing the rarest goblets for my collection, I had not the time and energy to write here.

Anyway, I decided to finally update the blog because yesterday I got the new, 2013, colors, all at once. They are 5, and I have to admit they were a bit of a disappointment. I’ll explain you why in a moment. First of all, a group pic of the new colors, on the right, in comparison with older colors I already owned:


Ook, so I guess my disappointment is quite clear by now. The new colors, although bearing interesting names, are just a wee bit different from older colors. Let’s see them one by one.

Exhibit 1: Forest Green (on the left) with one of my greens. Ok, I can see a little difference here…

forest green

Exhibit 2: Lemon Yellow (left) with a  regular yellow. A little but less saturated, but that’s kind of it.

lemon yellow

Exhibit 3: Salmon Pink (on the left). I had an old “Pinkki”, and again, they are quite similar.

salmon pink

Exhibit 4: Pale Pink (left) vs Pink. Oh, puh-leeze. Almost no difference here again!

pale pink

Exhibit 5: Lavender (right) vs. Pale Lilac


The general feeling is that, apart from a little desaturation, the new hues look a lot like older colors. I feel like Iittala has cheated on me 😦

What are your thoughts on these new colors?

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Microvariations, for fans only

It’s been a while since I last updated this blog, but it does not mean that I didn’t get new goblets in the meanwhile! I got some last week, plus I was waiting for the arrival of a package of Mariskoolis I had purchased at the end of August and, well, it took some time. Luckily they are all here now, so I can sigh in relief. Let’s start the picture flow, then.

First of all, I got two goblets in in-between colors, and I must say that this time it is particularly arduous to see the differences. The first is a slightly off Ultramarine:

Maybe the – ahem – difference is more evident here:

The one on the top is a little lighter than your “normal” Ultramarine.

Then I got an “almost Seaweed” Mariskooli:


Again, the one on the right is juuust a little lighter than the other. And of course, I have also a third one similar to these two:

I know, I know, this is sick, and I am the only one that can see any difference here! 🙂

But let’s move onto today’s arrivals. I all started winning the auction for a clear, older Mariskooli. Look at the shape of the upper part, how different it is from the newer goblets!

Which joins my Already Quite Old Goblet:


Love these!

Then, from the same seller, I got for really cheap a matte pink goblet, which I thought would have been the same as the one I already owned (but it was too cheap not to buy it!), instead it turns out to be a different hue. See for yourself!

The one on the right is the one I already had, the lighter pink is the new arrival. Aren’t they gorgeous toghether? By the way, the lighter pink is also maybe 5mm taller than the other. Funny, huh?

Last but not least, the same seller sold me two really funny goblets. They are smaller than the normal Mariskoolis, but bigger than the small goblets,  which I don’t generally like and collect. The shape is also off, but they are probably too old to be called “fakes”. I really love these, too:

So these are my last purchases. At this point I have so many goblets they are all crowded on the top of the kitchen shelves. I really need a way to display these nicely somewhere in the house!!!


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Green and Grey

Apart from the title, which some of you, most probably those who got musically stuck in the New Wave, have probably recognized as taken from a song by the New Model Army, today I’m showing you my latest arrivals. I got an older Seaweed Green, I guess.

Here some group pics:

Here pictured with a standard Seaweed Green, you can see all the color- and shape differences. The goblet is also heavier than the newer Mariskoolis, as already noted. So now I have both Olive and Seaweed in older and newer version.



But even the two older goblets show big differences, indicating that they are from two different eras:

Today’s second arrival, and, by the way, Mariskooli n° 101 (yep, I have 101 different Mariskoolis!), is a crossover between white and grey.

There appears to be only the tiniest amount of color mixed to the glass mass. The difference is unnoticeable (but not for me, eh eh :-D) until you don’t see the goblet next to a pure transparent one and a slightly darker grey (the darker grey pictured here is one of my 4 or 5 hues of grey which are still lighter than standard grey):


Next time I promise I’ll take down all my greys and take some nice pictures of the whole series (as if you could care less… :-P). Until then, hugs and kisses to all my crazy readers!


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